Assignment 4: Measurement and Tracking

  1. For this assignment, I have chosen the organization: Herschel Supply Co.

2. The platforms they are using are:

3. The target audience of Herschel Supply Co is people from 20 to 35 years old. This is the main reason they are using these four channels to engage with its audience.

Instagram, has more than 200 billion users and the average age of its users is 18 to 29, being its main purpose to build relationships and conversation. This way, Herschel Supply Co can generate leads by having an Instagram presence and connect with the majority of its target audience.

Facebook, has more than 1.3 billion users and the age range of its users is 25 to 54. The brand is using this social media channel as it is an excellent way of building relationships with its customers and ideal for develop brand loyalty.

Twitter, has more than 600 million users who are between 18-29 years old. This platform aims to start conversation and is best suited for building relationships.

Finally, Pinterest with its 70 billion users that go from 18 to 35 years old, it is used for collages and scrapbooks. By using this channel, the brand can generate leads targeting the right audience and also create awareness among Pinterest users.

4. Metrics:

  • Clicks: are the number of actual clicks your post receive.
  • CTR: (clickthrough rate) is the number of clicks that and ad receives divided by the number of times your ad is shown.
  • Engagement: this refers to how people interact with your brand, by asking questions, replying, commenting, sharing your content, etc.
  • Engagement Rate: is the total engagement divided by the total of followers multiplied by 100.
  • Hashtag Performance: it is a way of measure the reach of the hashtag and its mentions, the engagement that the hashtag has, who is mentioning your hashtag and where your content is shared.
  • Organic likes: are likes that come from not sponsored content.
  • Paid likes: on the other hand, are likes that come from an ad. People see your ad in a specific platform and if they like the content offered, they will give it a “thumbs up”.
  • Reach: is the total number of people who see your content.
  • Sentiment: is the attitude and feelings people have towards your brand in social media platforms.

For calculating the Facebook clicks of Herschel Supply Co. I have used a tool named Fanpage Karma.

5. In the case of Herschel Supply Co., a reasonable target number for the metrics would be measuring the engagement the customers have with the brand. This means, how people get involved with the company and their products. What they do with your content, if they make comments, repost or share it, mention your brand, etc, and the quality of this interaction. The sentiment people have towards your brand is extremely important, it has to be a positive one, as it would be detrimental to be mentioned in a negative way.

Another reasonable target number would be comparing the number of followers the brand has in each social channel this year and last year.

6. Herschel’s largest competitor is Jansport. For calculating a sample engagement rate I have used their Facebook account.

As we can see, the engagement rate of JanSport since 1/1/19 until 11/8/19 (that is the total engagement, 5.7K divided by the total of followers, 1.6M multiplied by 100) is 0.35.

In comparison, the engagement rate of Herschel Supply Co. in the same period of time is 101.66.

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