Assignment 3: Segmentation

Market Segmentation

For this assignment, I have chosen the cellphone market. It is a big market with a big range of potential customers, so it is imperative to divide it into different segments in order to target the right audience.

In this opportunity, I have divided the cellphone market into 5 different segments. To do so, I had the chance to interview a Wallmart Sales Associate who is in charge of the wireless division. He gave me some interesting insights about customers who buy cellphones at this particular location and I could distinguish various characteristics among them to create a customer profile for each segment.

The segmentation I am presenting is a psychographic market segmentation, based on customers’ lifestyle, interests, values, attitudes, and beliefs.

The Tony Stark

Ph: Jopwell – Pexels Image

The Tony Stark is a person who lives for technology. They are always up to date with the latest tech advancements and news, and never miss a launch. They change their cellphone at least once a year right after the new devices are out for sale. In this segment, the majority is men, with medium to high income and the age range goes from 30 to 50 years old. Regarding their level of education, they have a college or university degree. I have named this segment “The Tony Stark” as he is a Marvel fictional character who is always developing high-end technology and innovating with his work.

The Selfie Junkie

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The Selfie Junkie is a person who prioritizes a good camera over other features on a smartphone. They love to take pictures and to post high-quality images on their social media. They use their device mainly for taking and editing photos and videos that they later post online. This segment is comprised mostly of women aged 18 to 25 with a low to medium income. They are generally college students or college graduates who have recently landed their first job. I have named this segment “The Selfie Junkie” as these people are addicted to taking photos of themselves.

The Simple Life Seeker

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The Simple Life Seeker is someone who is not a digital native but is forced to embrace technology to keep in touch with their family, especially with their grandchildren. This person is interested in a basic and easy to use smartphone since they will use it just for making and receiving calls, texting and even for Facebook as they usually see their family’s and friend’s pictures through that platform. They may also need to download some texting apps such as WhatsApp. In this segment, we can find a rather equal amount of men and women aged 65 and older. They are retired with a medium to low income and regarding their level of education, they tend to hold a high school degree or some college. I have named this segment “The Simple Life Seeker” since this group of people is looking for a simple and easy way to communicate and engage with their family. They need straightforward devices and technology. 

The Multitasking Mom

Ph: Josh Willink – Pexels Image

The Multitasking Mom is a modern woman with two or more children and with a full-time job. She not only has to take care of her kids, work tasks and housework but also of herself. She goes to the gym, to the hairdresser and attends parent-teacher meetings as well. She cooks and organizes the extracurricular activities for the whole family. The Multitasking Mom is a person who needs a reliable and rugged phone with a large storage capacity to download shopping and organizational apps. She usually does the groceries on her phone while commuting to work. Women in this segment are aged 30-45 with medium to high incomes and a level of education between college and university. I have named this segment “The Multitasking Mom” as the people included in it are moms with a lot on their plate. They have to perform many different tasks every day and they have to live up to the role.

The Vintage Victim

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The Vintage Victim is a person who does not like technology or feels uncomfortable using it. This person is fairly happy with his old early 2000’s flip phone and is resilient to change. The Vintage Victim will only change phones if the current one breaks, but for a similar one. They use their phones to make and receive calls, text and do calculations, so they do not really need anything else. In this segment there is a slightly bigger percentage of men than women, they are aged 55 and more with a medium-income, and in terms of education they hold a college diploma or less. I have named this segment “The Vintage Victim” as they are people who praise outdated technology. They long for the times when a phone was easy to use and only served one function: make and receive calls.

Facebook Ad Mock-Up Of The Selfie Junkie Segment

Ph: Tamis Souza – Pexels Image

The targeted segment of this add is “The Selfie Junkie“. These are people addicted to taking pictures, especially selfies, and to show what they are doing on their social media. By using this picture, with a young and playful style, I am aiming to represent the target audience regarding gender, age, and lifestyle. The message that I want to communicate on behalf of the company is that Wireless World understands what the client wants and they have the perfect phone to address their needs. Finally, with the headline and description of the picture I want to transmit a sentiment of carefreeness, telling the potential customers not to worry about the specs of their new device because we already did that for them. The only thing they have to worry about is posing for the perfect selfie, as we provide the right phone for that.

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